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Supported Charities


Here at Le Mans 88 Ltd we are proud to support the work of the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) & Greyhoundhomer Suffolk. 

Our greyhound Holycross Prince during his racing days (image reproduced with kind permission from Steve Nash Photography).

Both charities focus on finding loving homes for hounds that are retired, injured and/or no longer suitable for racing. Approx. 8000 greyhounds retire from this sport every year, the RGT is able to find over 4000 families a year willing to home one or more of them.

Greyhoundhomer Suffolk is our local rehoming center based at Dillymore Kennels not far from Ipswich. Run by volunteers who work tirelessly to find new families for the dogs. A lot of time is spent promoting greyhound ownership by attending local shows and organizing fundraising opportunities for the charity. One their most enjoyable events are the special greyhound walks done on a monthly basis. It is a great way of enjoying the company of many greys and meeting up with other and new owners. On most walks you will see over 50 dogs, last Boxing Day over 100 of them congregated on Felixstowe seafront.

Our interest in the hard work of both charities began at the end of 2012 when as a family we had the privilege of adopting one of these beautiful and unique dogs.

It is a gentle and intelligent breed of dog whose combination of long and powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build allow it to reach an average speed in excess of 18 meters per second or 39 miles per hour. It can reach a full speed of 43 miles per hour within 30 meters or 6 strides from the starting gate, travelling at almost 20 meters per second for the first 250 meters of a race. In fact, the only other mammal that can accelerate faster over a short distance is the cheetah. So quite appropriate for our business don't you think, it makes them the Ferrari of the dog world! Imagine them racing round Brands Hatch or Silverstone, quite a sight!

However, contrary to popular belief, adult greyhounds do not need extended periods of daily exercise, as they are bred for sprinting rather than endurance, so just two 20 minute walks a day are sufficient. But a good run now and again is always appreciated.
Greyhounds are the perfect dog being quiet, gentle and loyal. They are very loving creatures who enjoy the company of their owners and other dogs and love nothing more than being asleep next to you with their legs in the air!  So much so that owners describe their greyhounds as "45 mile per hour couch potatoes!" We just love it when we are working in the office and our greyhound Prince is asleep next to us on his duvet, what better company could you ask for!

Greyhound owners and adoption groups consider them to be wonderful pets. They have a very calm temperament and are sensitive animals. Generally they do not bark and are usually as friendly to strangers as they are their own families. They are affectionate dogs who love a good cuddle and they easily adapt to household life. In fact they are one of the easiest breeds of dog to look after as they enjoy sleeping or dozing 16 hours a day or more on a bed or your sofa!

Our Prince enjoying his well earned retirement.

We cannot recommend enough the positive aspects of adopting and having as a companion one of these special and loving dogs and we wholeheartedly support the fantastic work done by these great charities!